Mr. & Ms. December

Destrey Enders ’16

Brendan Six ’16

Hailing from Guilford, Conn., Brendan Six knows how to sack quarterbacks and charm the ladies. In high school, Brendan could get a smile out of anyone with a classic mix of wit and sarcasm. In addition to his football prowess, he could spike a mean intramural volleyball and raise team spirit like no other. Here on campus, he can make friends with anyone and everyone.

While he may put on a tough-guy persona, Six has a soft spot in his heart for macaroni and cheese, hip hop and “kickin’ it” back in his room in Piper.

As a Virgo, you can expect to see Six embody the creativity and delicateness associated with his sign; in fact, he spent the first half of the semester shaving his muscular calves.

Brendan’s ideal woman follows a nice smile with even nicer conversation. Six likes his girls to be clingy; so clingy, in fact, that they don’t ever stop trying to contact him. More than anything though, Brendan likes a girl from Massachusetts—those kinds of gals who “pahk their cahs,” eat a steady diet of beans and seafood and scream louder at Red Sox Games than at One Direction concerts.

Think you fit this description and might want to tackle this player? Brendan loves surprise attack hugs, so if you hear his booming voice coming—don’t get excited because he’s probably still across campus—but make sure to greet him with some spontaneous affection as he strides by.

Favorite dining hall: Bobs

Favorite song: Trapped in the Closet (Entire Saga), R. Kelly

Favorite TV show: The Boondocks

—Written by Terrence O’Connor and Brooke Fairbanks

Destrey Enders ’16

Ever wanted to meet a skier who competes at the U.S. National level? Enter Destrey Enders, down-to-earth, ice cream and country music loving first-year from Pleasant View, Utah. Destrey lives in Dana, loves Aladdin and will warm your heart with her humor and easy-going personality. When she’s not zooming down mountains or studying in Olin, you can find Destrey in the pottery studio in Bob’s or curled up with a Harry Potter book.

At home in Utah she lives with her loving parents, an older brother, Zane (possibly the coolest sibling name ever) and a yellow lab named Tucker.

Destrey has been skiing since she was two years old and can’t imagine doing anything else. “It’s just been something that I’ve done since I was so little that it just is a part of me now,” she said. Her favorite places to ski are Snow Bird in Utah and Big Sky in Montana, where she skied powder with her dad and once ate chocolate cake on the ski lift. The best way to this snow baby’s heart is humor and lots of cookies-and-cream ice cream. Destrey loves to goof off and have fun, so don’t be intimidated by this cool, calm and collected ski recruit.

Favorite fashion item: Anything Spyder and ALL kinds of sweatpants

Favorite place on campus: Olin

What she wants to be when she grows up: A music producer (but she used to want to be a ballerina and was a gymnast for six years!)

—Written by Carli Jaff